Electro Mechanical Assembly Unit - UFM LINE5 SERIES


The electro-mechanical assembly presses of the UFM Line5 series have a linear design. The spindle is directly driven by the aligned servomotor which achieves high dynamics due to the improved rotation performance. The robust mechanics are suitable for long periods of use.


The systems are available in the following sizes: 10 kN, 30 kN, 60kN and 100 kN.



Special Features


•  AC servomotor with integrated absolute encoder

•  High precision gear (except type 1)

•  Integrated force transducer

•  Steal housing with drive screw

•  Anti-twist press ram


Advantages of the Mechanics


•  Absolute encoder by default eliminates reference run

•  Compact desing with angled motor optionally

•  Improved greasing and lubrication concept

•  Robust mechanics for long periods of use

•  Small dimensions

•  Robust, tried-and-tested servo driven technology,
   no proprietary hollow shaft motor solution



For UFM LINE5 SERIES datasheets and 3-D-Drawings please visit the homepage of PROMESS.


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