Laser Position Measurement


LAS laser sensors cover a measurement range from 10 to 13,000 mm.


The internal micro controller gives a precise output signal, which is proportional to the distance to be measured.

No external electronic device is needed. An intelligent on-board signal conditioning unit enables the sensor to measure accurately on different target colours and surfaces.


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PRODUCT LAS-TM / LAS-TB Series LAS-T Series LAS-TX Series LAS-T5 Series
16...26 | 16...120 | 50...350 | 50...550 | 50...60 | 60...100 | 100...200 30...70 | 30...130 | 50...300 | 100...600 | 200...1,000 200...4,000 | 200...13,000 30...70 | 30...130 | 50...300 | 100...600
0.002 ... 1.15 0.004 ... 0.67 1.3 ... 5 0.004 ... 0.67
LINEARITY error ± 0.006 ... ± 3.5 mm ± 0.012 ... ± 2 mm ± 15 mm ± 0.012 ... ± 2 mm
OUTPUT ANALOG 0...10 V or 4...20 mA 0...10 V and 4...20 mA 0...10 V or 4...20 mA 0...10 V or 4...20 mA
RESPONSE TIME < 0.9 ms | < 2 ms < 0.9 ms | < 4 ms 10 ms (sampling rate) < 0.9 ms
LASER CLASS class 2 | class 1 (TB Series) class 2 class 2 class 2
LAS-TM: Ultra-compact design, Measurement range teachable, Type of analog output selectable
LAS-TB: Tailored for mat black surfaces, Measurement range teachable, Type of analog output selectable
Universal analog output signal (current and voltage), Measurement range teachable, Synchronization input, Alarm output Ultra-compact design, Large working range, Measurement range teachable, Type of analog output selectable Low-price instruments for conventional applications, Measurement range teachable, Type of analog output selectable


Download here: DATASHEET LAS Series



The distance measurement is based on the triangulation principle: The laser beam hits the target as a small spot.

The position of this spot is detected by the receiver. Then the sensor can measure the angle and calculate the distance to the target.


The possible resolution and accuracy change with the measure distance to the target object. The receiver of the sensor is a photo diode array

(a PSD element for faster response). The readout of the photo diode array is handled by an internal micro controller.

The controller calculates the precise angle from the light allocation in the photo diode array. The combination of photo diode array and micro controller allows a minimum of undesirable reflections.


Thus a precise distance measurement is possible even on critical surfaces.



•  thickness measuring of rolling-mill products

•  centering of wheel shafts

•  wheel alignment

•  automation

•  quality control

•  process monitoring

•  chemical industry

•  special machinery



•  intelligent stand alone systems

•  short response time <1ms

•  high resolution and accuracy

•  unaffected by different colour

•  analoge and binary output

•  spot- and line detecting

•  for different surfaces

Due to the high measuring frequency of up to 100 kHz the LAM series is particularly suited for highly dynamic measurements.

This high resolution up to 0.2 µm guarantees reliable use in sophisticated measurements in quality control.


The LLD is a laser range finder to measure distances from 0.1 m to more than 150 m with pinpoint accuracy.

A given target can be clearly identified with the help of a red laser sighting point. In terms of operating reach, the LLD performs depending on the reflectance, morphology and qualities of the target to be measured. The range finder works based on comparative phase measurement. It emits modulated high-frequency light which is diffusely reflected back from the target with a certain shift in phase to be compared with a reference signal. From the amount of phase shift, a required distance can then be determined with millimeter accuracy.



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RANGE 23.75...24.25 | 23...25 | 22...26 | 40...50 | 55...75 | 115...165 | 170...270 | 240...440 0.1...30 m, on target board up to 150 m
RESOLUTION up to 0.2 µm 0.1 mm
LINEARITY error up to ±1 µm ±2 mm on white surfaces, ±3 mm on natural surfaces
OUTPUT ±10 V, 4...20 mA, Ethernet TCP / IP 4...20 mA, RS232, RS422, Profibus, SSI
PROTECTION CLASS sensor head IP64, electronics IP40 IP65
LASER CLASS class 2 class 2
LAM-S: for rapid measurements, low noise, measuring frequency up to 10 kHz, sample rate 54 kHz, Ethernet interface
LAM-F: for highly dynamic measurements, measuring frequency up to 100 kHz, sample rate 400 kHz, Ethernet interface
LLD-configuration software „LLD-communication & data acquisition“ included in delivery

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