Electro Mechanical Assembly Unit - CLASSIC SERIES


The electro mechanical assembly units of the CLASSIC SERIES offer a large selection of force ranges and nominal strokes.


Due to their modular construction, the units can be integrated in automated assembly lines as well as in manual work-places.

A special synchronous belt connects the motor directly with ball/roller gear drive and guarantees a positioning accuracy of < 0.01 mm.


The angled motor favours a low installation height. This is of high importance if the unit has to be installed under a conveyor belt or a transfer system.



Key features


•  Integrated force, position and signal control

•  Real-time force-distance analysis directly in the servo amplifier

•  No external analysis system required

•  Safety brake for category 4 optional

•  Envelope and window functions

•  Robust, tried-and-tested servo drive technology, no special hollow shaft motor



Mechanic Design


•  Round steel housing with mounting flange

•  Ball / Roller gear drive

•  Store and convey technics

•  Force transducer

•  Axial bearing

•  Press ram

•  AC-servomotor


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